About Tamangwa Shipping

Our Mission

To simplify shipping to Cameroon, make it safe, and cost-efficient

Tamangwa Shipping is a registered company in England and Wales (Tamangwa Ltd, registered company number 9899608) with a subsidiary in Cameroon (Tamangwa Ltd). Both companies work together to ship cargo from the United Kingdom to Cameroon.

We have experienced the complexity involved in shipping items to Cameroon, especially the inefficient bureaucracy at the Ports in Cameroon. We have experienced and heard the horrors of items handed over to individuals who are disguised as shipping companies. Some items never make it to Cameroon. In addition, our research has show that the high cost of using services like DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc will reduce the value of your items in Cameroon to near zero.

Tamangwa Shipping was setup to solve these problems and provide a secure platform for individuals and businesses to ship items to Cameroon from the U.K with ease and confidence. We have streamlined the shipping process, made it safe, and most importantly, made it cost-efficient.

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Services we provide

Sea Freight

Our sea freight service offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses involved in the sourcing and shipment of goods to Cameroon.
Takes 4 - 6 weeks to deliver cargo in Cameroon.

Air Freight

Designed for urgent international shipments. Choose transit times ranging from next-day delivery to 3, 5, and 7 days delivery. Destination can be Douala International Airport or Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport.

B2B Services

We source products from suppliers in the U.K, ship, and deliver these products to your business in Cameroon. Use Tamangwa Shipping to harness the value of overseas products to grow your business in Cameroon.

Door-to-door collection

Our fleet of vehicles are available 7 days a week to collect items all over the U.K. Alternatively, you can drop your packages at our warehouse or have your online orders delivered directly to our warehouse.

Real time tracking

Tracking information is provided so that you can keep an eye on your items at all times. We understand the value in your items and will engage with you frequently to make sure you know the whereabouts of your items.


Proper and secure packaging is of great importance for a smooth handling and transportation of your shipment. We offer a vast array of packaging options for your items for a reasonable charge. Just call us now to figure out more.

Why choose us

Our Industry Partnerships

We have taken highly complex international shipping processes and broken them into simpler processes in order to transport your items from the U.K to Cameroon on time and safely. To achieve this, we have partnered with well-established companies such as Safmarine, ContainerLift, Ford, BICEC, Lloyds Bank, and many more to ensure that we work with reliable partners that will not fail us and subsequently our customers. These partnerships give us two competitive advantages;

  • Our processes are built on the backbone of top companies with efficient processes.
  • We have resources to research, and design highly efficient and safe shipping processes for our customers.

Our knowledge of the Cameroon Market

We have been shipping items to Cameroon over the past 15 years. This includes shipping to families, and for businesses. We have experienced what makes shipping to Cameroon (for individuals or for business) so difficult and unsafe. We have experienced the fears our customers have when they ship items to Cameroon. Fear of losing your items to individuals, fear of receiving damaged items, fear of facing the complexity of customs clearance at the Port of Douala, and lastly, fear of spending too much on a shipment for business purposes to the point it may not be profitable in Cameroon.

Through these experiences and intensive market research, we have gathered enough data to design efficient shipping processes for you. A shipment placed in our trust will reach its consignee in same condition that it left the United Kingdom, and on time.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are available 24/7 for support and to provide answers to your shipping needs. We provide tracking information and frequent updates about your items. A shipment placed in our trust may include life-saving medicines, or it may hold a priceless prototype and therefore a business’ entire existence. Or perhaps it’s a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. We understand the value in your items and will engage with you frequently to make sure you know the whereabouts of your items.

Secure Payment Methods

Tamangwa Shipping does not take cash payment as individuals will do. Instead, we collect your items, process and package them, before sending out invoice and booking confirmation. Payment goes directly into Tamangwa Shipping’s company account and is recorded for future references.

Over 6000 Packages Delivered

More than 700
Satisfied Customers

Over 70
Containers Shipped

Cars Shipped

Over the past 5 years, we have had the opportunities to work closely with incredible individuals and businesses from SME to big organisations to ship their cargo to Cameroon. Below is what they have to say about their experience with Tamangwa Shipping