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Goods Procurement, Shipping and Logistics Services

With Tamangwa Shipping, your company can harness the value of overseas products, services, marketing, R&D and turn them into competitive advantage in Cameroon. We will manage and control your company's overseas activities effectively as a single business unit.

Procurement Service

Sourcing of goods and services from suppliers in the U.K. and deliver them to your business in Cameroon. We work with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinational businesses, charities and NGOs, public sector organisations, and startups. We understand that a delay in the supply chain will affect your organisation's production capacity, so we have partnered with key industry giants to see that your goods are sourced, shipped, and delivered to you on time.

B2B Procurement service Tamangwa Shipping

Shipping and Logistics Services Tamangwa Shipping

Shipping and Logistics Services Tamangwa Shipping

Shipping and Logistics Services Tamangwa Shipping

Shipping and Logistics Service

Fast and Reliable International Shipping to Cameroon.

Pick a shipping partner who can take the pressure off and free up your time and budget. We handle the shipment of your goods, and you work hard to keep your customers happy. Our shipping service is built on two core principles.

Speed – How long are your customers happy to wait? We go extra miles to see that all your goods reach your warehouse in Cameroon on time.

Pricing – Will the shipping cost outweigh the purchase cost, thereby preventing you from making any profit? Is the cost of shipping via dhl, fedex, ups too high? We consider these questions when evaluating cost of shipping your goods with the sole purpose of giving you best return on your investment in Cameroon.

Special shipping discounts and rewards available based on how much and how often you ship

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Bulk Mail: Discounted rates for volume mailers.

Stamps Direct: Stamps, stationery and other items direct to your business.

Direct Mail: Market your services using mail or find out all you need to know about running a direct mail campaign through our special Knowledge centre

Business Response Services: Make it easier for your customers to respond by mail.

Publication Services: Discounted rates for periodical/newspaper publishers.

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