Are you thinking of shipping items to Cameroon but still in doubt?  Do companies like DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc charge excessive amounts that will render your goods unprofitable in Cameroon? Have you tried using a local shipping company but can only find individuals posing as shipping companies? Look no further! Tamangwa Shipping is a well-established cargo and freight company that was setup to help Cameroonians in the United Kingdom ship personal and business items to Cameroon in a cost-efficient way. In this post, we will look at the processes that give Tamangwa Shipping a distinctive advantage and make us a reliable shipping company capable of handling the entire logistics process from your home in the U.K to your desired location in Cameroon.

Get a Shipment Quote

Our goal at this stage is to understand your shipping needs and to come up with the most cost-efficient way to ship your items to Cameroon. Contact us with a list of the items you want to ship. We will get back to you to discuss the shipping requirements and charges (customs clearance in particular) for these items. We can go further to calculate shipping fee and associated customs charges upfront so that you will evaluate the value of your goods in the U.K. to the value in Cameroon with shipping expenses included.

Home Collection or Warehouse Drop-off 

If we agree on the shipping fee and custom charges, we will either make arrangements for our drivers to pick up items from your home. Our fleet of vehicles are available 7 days a week to collect from all locations in the U.K. Alternatively, you can drop your packages at one of our warehouses in the U.K. You can order items (e.g. online) and have them delivered directly to our warehouse.  

Secure Package Storage

Your items are stored in our secured warehouse in Northampton, U.K. Here, we package all items to protect against reckless handling at the Port of Douala during checks. All items are labelled for identification and handling (e.g. Fragile items).

Shipping to Cameroon

Our containers with consignments leave the U.K. every two weeks. The shipment in which your items will go depends on when the booking was made and when your items are collected/delivered. We recommend you book in the first week of the month to secure space for your items in either shipments. Each shipment takes 4 weeks to arrive Cameroon. It can take up to 6 weeks in exceptional cases. These delay is usually caused by the shipping line or port authority in Cameroon. 

Air Freight to Cameroon

Our air freight service operates from airport to airport. Destination airport can be Douala International Airport or Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport. Choose from transit times ranging from next-day to three-to-five days to gain global coverage with more possibilities than ever before.

We continue to learn and refine our processes to meet your needs. Please tell us if you find any inefficiency in our processes when using our service by emailing us through or through any of our social media channels on our website In our next post, we will expand on this to explain our process in Cameroon starting from the moment a shipment enters Port of Douala.

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Posted on Monday, March 5 2018 at 16:17:22
By Tamangwa Shipping